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Monthly Meeting

January 24, 2017

Kennewick First Lutheran Church, 418 N Yelm St., Kennewick
Corner of Hwy 395 and Yelm

Ivar Husa

Bird Photographer

Winter Birds

Our speaker this month is none other than our own Program Chairman, Ivar Husa, who is stepping into the breach after a speaker’s cancellation. Ivar has agreed to provide an early showing of his talk for the McNary Winter Birds Festival, which will be held at the McNary Environmental Education Center, Burbank, WA on February 11th from 9 am through noon (with member’s meeting after).

Ivar is not only Audubon’s Program Chairman, and regular contributor of lovely photos, he also is a craftsman and occasional political activist. He spends quality time in his wood shop where he makes many things.

Ivar will share a photo safari of a Bateman Bird Walk in pleasant weather, then follow that up with actual winter bird photography from McNary complete with ice and snow. Come enjoy the show from the comfort of a warm room. Watch Tundra Swans and Mallards, herons and hawks!

If you can’t make our monthly meeting January 24th, then do try to make it to McNary’s Winter Bird Festival February 11, 2017 where Ivar will present his talk: Winter Birds at 9 am.

What species is this?

Pacific Loon in winter plumage witha a fish in its mouth
ID ? Pacific Loon
Photo: Ivar Husa

Birds of the Tri-Cities Checklist
[Note: This checklist is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 14 in paper and folded in 4 folds width-wise.]

Birds of the Tri-Cities Annotated Checklist

Benton County Bird List for 2016
This is a list of species reported in Benton County by date.