Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Native Plant Garden  

A Native Plant Garden was begun in 2002 under the direction of Shannon Hayes-Truex. The area (about 1/3 acre) was first treated with Roundup to eliminate all plants, then covered with barrier cloth. Holes were then cut for the individual plants. They were watered by hand until until they were rooted. Eventually the barrier cloth will be removed and paths developed among the plants.


In years to come, volunteers can expand the Shrub Steppe Restoration Site, adding pathways and more plants. Permanent natural history signs and plant name plates will eventually be developed for the site. Preparation is also underway to plant native grass seeds in some of these areas.


The Native Plant Garden has been made possible by grant money and continues to serve also as a learning project for nearby elementary school classes, which assist in its development and maintenance.

Steve Link reviews the project.

Shannon Hays-Truex discusses growing native plants.

Steve Link removes noxious weeds.

Sunset from the McNary National Wildlife Refuge