Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Serving Benton and Franklin Counties since 1965

17th Annual Seed Sale and Bird Information Fair
in cooperation with
Columbia Grain & Feed, Pasco, WA

THE SOLUTION to High Bird Seed Prices - Sale Prices are good September 21-October 2.

LCBAS will be at the store on Saturday September 29 with lots of information about feeding birds.

Columbia Grain & Feed -- 2001 W Lewis St.
Pasco. Washington
9 am – 2 pm
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It’s inevitable ........ prices for bird seed are higher like everything else in our lives. Here’s the LCBAS solution: The17th Annual Bird Seed Sale.

Discounts are higher when items are bought in large quantities. Since we order a lot of bird seed for this event, Columbia Grain & Feed can offer us awesome prices.

Attention all Bird Feeding enthusiasts Ė Very Important Date
Saturday September 29!
Seventeenth Annual Bird Seed Sale and Information Day

Want good prices on the things you use to feed birds?

Have questions about what or how to feed our feathered friends?

Once again, in connection with Columbia Grain & Feed, we will be hosting our Fifteenth Annual Bird Seed Sale and Information Day. Please tell your friends and mark your calendars for September 29. Place an order on the enclosed order form before September 21 and then pick it up on September 29. If you canít make it on the 29th, thatís fine, just donít wait too long. Preordering insures you get the items you want at the best possible prices. These will be the best possible prices you will get for this winters bird feeding season.

Based on your purchase amount, Columbia Grain & Feed will make a donation to LCBAS.

  • LCBAS members will be present to answer questions.
  • Best prices possible for bird feeding supplies.
  • Saturday, September 29, 9 am until 2 pm Columbia Grain & Feed, 2001 West Lewis, (corner of 20th and Lewis), Pasco.
  • Itís fun, informative, and a win-win for all. Taxidermy will be on display.
  • Questions? Call Charlotte at 547-9087.

If you have any special requests for bird feeding supplies, note this on the order form. We will also have a handout on how to clean your bird feeder and keep it sanitary so the seed does not get contaminated with rain, mold, etc. and harm those we feed.

Columbia Grain and Feed has been so generous for the past 16 years, come make year 17 just as great! Please support their generosity with your patronage. Our taxidermy collection has grown due to their commitment to our education program. The most recent pieces include a Great Egret, Rock pigeon and we are getting a beautiful Forsterís tern in the near future!