Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Educational Activities

Classroom PresentationPresentations 

Using mounts from our extensive taxidermy collection, we illustrate topics such as Backyard Birds, Owls, Raptors, and Birds of the Shrub- Steppe.  Or we can fit presentations to what the teachers are presenting.

In this photo,
Nancy LaFramboise presents owls to Hawthorne's Dual Language First Grade class.
Presentations Offered
  • Informative Displays at Community Events
  • Classroom Talks
  • Speakers to organizations / clubs

Slide shows and Power Point presentations of bird photos are also available.

We can help prepare students for field trips to the Roderick Coler Audubon Nature Trail and to the Environmental Education Center at McNary National Wildlife Refuge.

We invite you to come along on a bird walk the first Saturday of each month on Bateman Island.

Let us know what would interest your group and we will see if we can come up with a program.

Photo at right:  Part of the taxidermy collection on display at McNary National Wildlife Refuge Environmental Education Center.

Audubon Adventures
Classroom Materials

What is Audubon Adventures?
          An environmental education program for children presenting basic, scientifically accurate facts about birds, wildlife, and their habitats published by National Audubon. The nature topics vary each year.

Are you a Grade 3-7 classroom teacher or home schooler?                  
    LCBAS can offer you a subscription, consisting of:

  • a teacher guide
  • activity ideas
  • four colored newspapers per year for each student to take home

What does it cost?

A classroom set of 32 costs $45.65 (including shipping). Your school, a parent, or group of parents may wish to pay for your classroom subscription.

LCBAS may be able to help. Subject to available funds, LCBAS funds annual subscriptions in the order requests are received.

How to Order

To request Audubon Adventures from LCBAS, send:
- Your name
- School name and address,
- Phone number & Email if available
- Grade level and number of students

To: Lower Columbia Basin Audubon
P. O. Box 1900
Richland, WA 99352

Support Audubon Adventures with your donation: To make a donation to support Audubon Adventures in a classroom, visit our Donation page.

Duck Taxidermy Display
For information about our Education Program and Presentations, email: Education Chair
For information about Audubon Adventures, email: Audubon Adventures

Frequently asked questions about Audubon Adventures   http://audubon.org/educate/aa/faq.html

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