Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

119th Christmas Bird Count

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Bird Count Map

Everyone is welcome to participate - whether you are an experienced birder or a novice. Dress warmly, come with your enthusiasm and your binoculars. You do not need to be a member of the Audubon society to help. The information that all counts generate is reviewed and placed in a database that is available to everyone on the Internet.

The Tri-Cities count starts in three locations at 7:30am, Saturday, December 29th. The three start locations where volunteers can join the count are:

Richland – Meet Lisa at the “Fingernail” in Howard Amon Park

Pasco – Meet Dana at the Chiawana Park Boat Ramp, end of Rd 88

Kennewick – Meet Rich Barchet at the Rod Coler Audubon Nature Trail parking area on Columbia Park Trail.

From these locations we split into smaller teams led by more experienced birders. Some birding skills are helpful but not required. If you cannot make the 7:30 am start please coordinate with your count leader prior to Saturday, December 29th to arrange an appropriate time and count location. The team leaders also need to know what you have counted (species and number of species) before the potluck at 6:30 pm. You will need to keep clearly written bird lists and numbers.

Birds seen at bird feeders within the count circle are extremely important to the count. So if you have a feeder please provide those numbers to a team leader. Feeder counts should be provided the day of the count, but can be called in shortly after December 29th.

The information that all counts generate is reviewed and placed in a database that is available to everyone on the internet. The database can be accessed through www.birdsource.org then select the Christmas Bird Count icon. The Tri-Cities count code is WATC.

Richland: Lisa Hill (509-869-6715, Email: tiarella177@gmail.com) will lead the Richland team.

Kennewick: Richard Barchet (509-430-0053, Email: wr.barchet43@frontier.com) will lead the Kennewick team.

Pasco: Dana Ward (509-545-0627, Email: dcarlward@gmail.com) will lead the Pasco team.

For more information on the Tri-Cities Christmas Bird Count, please call Dana Ward, Christmas Bird Count Coordinator at (509-545-0627)

Christmas Potluck!

At the end of the count day, the LCBAS has their annual Christmas Potluck. The dinner this year will be held at the Columbia Grange #938, 6300 Court Street, Pasco. Please bring both a main dish and dessert to share. Some standard drinks will be provided such as coffee and bottled water. You will need to provide your own tableware. Start assembling at 5:30 pm and we will eat at approximately 6:0 0pm. The day's bird count will be presented after we eat. Also the Grange will be open from 12:00 noon for those that want to stop by for warm drinks, good conversation and possibly some dulcimer music.

Birder with Scope

Our Goal

  • Count as many birds as possible within the circle
  • Count as many species as possible within the circle

To do this, we need as many teams as possible. Come for the morning or the entire day. Some birding skills are nice but not required. In most areas, a fair amount of walking is involved.

The Tri-Cities count starts in 3 locations at 7:30 am, December 30 - although some hardy souls may do some owling at the official start time of 12 a.m. midnight.

Why we participate

Data from these counts becomes part of the largest wildlife database in the world. It is vital for determining the status of expanding and declining bird numbers. Anyone who enjoys looking at birds can help. The Tri-Cities count is one of the best supported counts in the state, and regularly has the highest number of species seen inland. This is due to strong community support.


Christmas Bird Counts have occurred nationally for more than 117 years, and locally for nearly 40 years. They occur in 1900 locations around the United States and nearby countries. More than 60,000 volunteers participate. All Christmas counts are standardized to a 7.5 mile radius circle (about 177 square miles). The LCBAS count circle is formally called the Washington Tri-cities circle and centers on the Columbia River shoreline closest to Rd. 68 in Pasco. This is a very large area that includes Selph Landing Road in Pasco, most of Two Rivers Park east of Kennewick and Badger Mountain in Richland.

The database can be accessed through www.birdsource.org, then select the Christmas Bird Count icon. The Tri-Cities count code is WATC.

Click To Get Prior Year Count Results --- A new window will open.
Step 1 - Select Year Range
Step 2 - From the drop down menus, select - Country: United States, State: Washington, then enter the Count Code: WATC
Step 3 - Click the radio button for WATC
Step 4 - Choose the file format and sort type
Step 5 - Click Export