Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Birds of the TriCities

Two Checklists New and Improved


LCBAS produces two checklists.  The best news for birders is that both have been updated.  These lists now have the 317 species that have been noted in our area since 1966, eighteen of which are new to the lists.  The checklist order has also been updated to match the current American Ornithological Union rules.


The most familiar checklist is the field checklist that has spaces to note the birds you see on a local trip, in your yard, or maybe over an entire year.  Rare birds are now listed in bold type.  This list sells for a mere 25 cents at LCBAS meetings.


Our second checklist is an annotated list of the same birds with the additional information of abundance and occurrence dates.  It has been 10 years since this list was last updated and the information has certainly changed.  This eight-page document will now sell for $2.00 at meetings.


If you are unable to attend the meetings, you can get both lists by mail.  Send $3.00 (includes postage & handling) to LCBAS, PO Box 1900, Richland, WA 99352.


Why does every birder need an annotated bird list for the area?


When you are puzzled by a new bird, the sighting dates and abundance codes can eliminate a lot of choices.  If you suspect you have a Philadelphia Vireo, you might look more closely at the Warbling or Red-eyed Vireo.  If you are still sure you have a Philadelphia Vireo, you know you will have to document it with aBohemian Waxwing photograph or a precise written description.


Remember if you see a bird outside the occurrence dates, you should report it.  For example, report a Bohemian Waxwing after April 15, the "last sighting" date on the list.  If a bird is not on the list or is an accidental species, PLEASE report it as soon as possible so it can be confirmed.  Report rare birds to LCBirds.


For easy reference, one can go through their field guide and write in the status and observation dates beside the description of each bird.  This makes the information more accessible.