Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society


Serving Benton and Franklin Counties since 1965

Field trips and in-person meetings canceled until further notice!

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society
P. O. Box 1900
Richland, Washington 99352


President Sheri Whitfield president@lcbas.org
Vice-President --Vacant--
Treasurer Dan Hansen treasurer@lcbas.org
Secretary Debbie Berkowitz secretary@lcbas.org

Standing Committees
Birding Events Jason Fidorra fieldtrips@lcbas.org
Communcations Charlene Burge communications@lcbas.org
Conservation Dana Ward conservation@lcbas.org
Education Cherie Baudrand education@lcbas.org
Finance Dan Hansen treasurer@lcbas.org
Fundraising Marci Daines fundraising@lcbas.org
Membership -- Vacant --
Programs Kathy Criddle programs@lcbas.org
Publicity Charlotte Reep publicity@lcbas.org

Other Contacts
Bird Sightings Lannie Smith birdsightings@lcbas.org
Christmas Bird Count Dana Ward cbc@lcbas.org
Director at Large Robin Priddy science@lcbas.org
The Curlew Charlene Burge curlew@lcbas.org
Science Robin Priddy science@lcbas.org
Subscriptions Rich Barchet subscriptions@lcbas.org
Website Ed Rykiel webmaster@lcbas.org