Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society


Serving Benton and Franklin Counties since 1965

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society
P. O. Box 1900
Richland, Washington 99352


President Sheri Whitfield president@lcbas.org
Vice-President --Vacant--
Treasurer Dan Hansen treasurer@lcbas.org
Secretary Debbie Berkowitz secretary@lcbas.org

Standing Committees
Birding Events Jason Fidorra fieldtrips@lcbas.org
Communcations Charlene Burge communications@lcbas.org
Conservation Dana Ward conservation@lcbas.org
Education Cherie Baudrand education@lcbas.org
Finance Dan Hansen treasurer@lcbas.org
Fundraising Marci Daines fundraising@lcbas.org
Membership -- Vacant --
Programs Kathy Criddle programs@lcbas.org
Publicity Charlotte Reep publicity@lcbas.org

Other Contacts
Bird Sightings Lannie Smith birdsightings@lcbas.org
Christmas Bird Count Dana Ward cbc@lcbas.org
Director at Large Robin Priddy science@lcbas.org
The Curlew Charlene Burge curlew@lcbas.org
Science Robin Priddy science@lcbas.org
Subscriptions Rich Barchet subscriptions@lcbas.org
Website Ed Rykiel webmaster@lcbas.org