Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Serving Benton and Franklin Counties since 1965

Local Field Trips

LCBAS organizes occasional half- and whole-day field trips to sites in the Columbia Basin.

Participants enjoy making a trip list of all bird, mammal and plant species encountered. The occasional rarity is a pleasing bonus, but our emphasis is always on camaraderie and appreciation of the natural world.

Local Field Trips — Rules of the Road

Please sign up in advance for field trips by contacting the designated trip leader.

To insure a quality field experience, the number of participants per trip is limited to 12. No walk-ins please. If you are unable to attend a trip for which you signed up, please contact the trip leader ASAP so that someone else may take your place.

  • Beginners encouraged !
  • Scopes are welcome
  • Arrive a few minutes early
  • Wear seasonally appropriate clothing & footwear
  • Always take a lunch, drinks & snacks for trips that go beyond midday.
  • Carpool guidelines are 35 cents per mile per vehicle - total expenses to be divided by number of riders excluding the driver.
  • NO pets.

Field Trip Leaders

Would you like to be involved with planning and leading local birding field trips? Send an email to: fieldtrips.

Virginia Rail
Virginia Rail - Photographer: Larry Umthun