Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Serving Benton and Franklin Counties since 1965

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LCBAS organizes occasional half- and whole-day field trips to sites in the Columbia Basin. Participants enjoy making a trip list of all bird, mammal and plant species encountered. The occasional rarity is a pleasing bonus, but our emphasis is always on camaraderie and appreciation of the natural world.

Local Field Trips — Rules of the Road

Please sign up in advance for field trips by contacting the designated trip leader.

To insure a quality field experience, the number of participants per trip is limited to 12. No walk-ins please. If you are unable to attend a trip for which you signed up, please contact the trip leader ASAP so that someone else may take your place.

Field Trip Leaders

Would you like to be involved with planning and leading local birding field trips? Send an email to: fieldtrips.

Virginia Rail
Virginia Rail - Photographer: Larry Umthun