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Important Bateman Island bird walk info

First Saturday bird walk at Two Rivers Park, Finley

Saturday, Dec 2, 2023 at 8am. Meet at the parking lot on the west side of the park.

Hover over the image to see the bird names.

USFW sagebrush planting opportunity!

November 29 - December 1  AND
December 4 - December 8

From the Central Washington National Wildlife Refuge complex:

  • USFW is having a sagebrush planting project that will span almost 2 weeks. 

  • It will start just after Thanksgiving - so a great way to work off that turkey dinner!

  • The event will be located on Rattlesnake Mtn, on Hanford Natl. Monument - an area that is closed to the general public. This is a unique opportunity to see this part of the Monument.

  • We will be planting small sagebrush (6-10" tall) in a selected site just off the access road.

  • It's a great event for a planting party, and to get to know some of the folks from the US Fish & Wildlife.

  • Note there are multiple planting days, so if interested folks could RSVP to us what days they would like to help that would be fantastic.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife is seeking volunteers to plant sagebrush on the Hanford Reach National Monument.

Check the Informational Flyer here for details.

We are a chapter of the National Audubon Society that focuses on

  • watching birds

  • conserving and restoring ecosystems that birds and wildlife need

  • advocating for responsible public policy and legislation for natural resources

  • educating adults and children about birds and the habitats on which they depend

  • community science projects studying birds

  • Newsletter - The Curlew

  • LCBAS monthly meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of the month from Sept-Nov and Jan-May at 7pm. Meetings are currently held via Zoom.

  • Presentations given by local and regional experts cover topics about wildlife conservation, birding trip reviews, attracting birds to your yard, and programs with special focus on a bird species.

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