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LCBAS Education at Amon Creek Natural Area

Education at Amon Creek
Natural Area

Memberships and donations fund many local activities


  • Education - presentations and materials in local classrooms

  • Taxidermy collection of more than 100 specimens displayed at McNary National Wildlife Refuge Education Center, Burbank, WA

  • First Saturday Bird Walk on Bateman Island (September-June)

  • The Curlew – LCBAS newsletter sent to members Sept-June

  • Monthly chapter meetings with presentations on a variety of topics

  • Christmas Bird Count

  • Maintaining records on the status and distribution of local avian populations (Our species checklists, for example)

  • Public awareness of conservation issues

LCBAS Bird Banding Station

Bird banding station

Two ways to join or donate to LCBAS

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

PO Box 1900, Richland, WA 99352

Membership and donations via mail


  • Print and fill out the membership form. OR send your

  • Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Email address to 

  • Indicate if you wish to receive the Curlew newsletter by email or postal mail. (We encourage you to go green and choose the email option.)

  • Indicate if you want to opt out of receiving e-alerts.

  • LCBAS maintains an e-alert email list for last minute activity changes, important issues, and volunteer opportunities.

  • If you opt out, you will not receive e-alert emails. Your e-mail address will not be shared.

Membership and donations via PayPal or credit card

  • Join LCBAS or renew your membership.

  • Choose a membership level and click Buy Now.

  • Contact LCBAS and indicate if you wish to receive the Curlew newsletter via email or postal mail. (We encourage you to go green and choose the email option.) Your email and mailing address are made available to LCBAS by PayPal, but will not be shared.

  • Make a donation to LCBAS by clicking Donate.

Individual membership


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Student membership


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Donate to LCBAS

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NOTE: LCBAS chapter membership is separate from membership in the National Audubon Society. To join the National Audubon Society, click NAS.

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